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Pure Insanity

Only for the Criminally Insane

26 February
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Howdy Chicks, Jen here. Hmm, u wanna know a bit about me do ya? Uh...lets see. I'm not good at describing myself. Well, I'm tall, with blue eyes and long hair that cannot be classified as one colour. (If I had to pick one I'd call it strawberry blond, but if you call me a blond so help me Jod you'll never hear the end of it) I am a true Pisces with like all the traits of them, i love the water, i am creative, and caring. (or at least I seem so to the unwary eye) (nah, just kidding, I care) (or do I?) (wahaha) Umm, what else? Geeta says I'm smart, witty, interesting, artistic, and outgoing but I think she's got a crush on me so she's kinda biased. If I were to honestly describe myself I'd say I'm: lazy, slobbish, annoying, pretentious, irritating, a bit of a freak, gross at times, funny(in the way a drunk is funny to people who aren't drunk)(thats kind of ironic because my friends always seem to think I'm inebriated), and rather turdacious. There's plenty more, but I think I'll stop now before i repulse you too much.