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Delve into the Past | Do You Dare Read On?

What the shit people? I start posting on here again finally and I'm the only one. Come on kids, write some shit down. I wanna reconnect with people not blather on to myself. I'm always doing that, its getting old. Alright I'll shut up now and get down to business.
Went on a date last night and I forgot how lame first dates can be. He was cute and nice and into a lot of things I am but yeah....no. He never stopped talking the whole night. I think I got 4 good sentences in...and I'm hilarious. You people know this. I love conversing, its what I do best. Instead I sat there as he dictated his whole life story to me. Finally I asked to be taken home as I needed desperately to get some weed in my system to liven it back up again after Mr. Mindnumb all but killed me with boredom. SO I say my goodbyes and such and get out of his car and he follows me inside! I was kind of stunned by his boldness and didnt know how to politely tell him to go away so I let him in. We go to my room and engage in a 3 hour sesh before he finally takes it upon himself to leave. (I think my continual yawning and eye blinking might have helped) He's taking his sweet time at the door, I guess fishing for a kiss or something and I'm really wishing he'd hurry up before Moe wakes up. Now if you have never been to my house you might not be aware that my puppy has seperation anxiety. He freaks when people leave and as its now approaching 2 I really don't need him waking the whole house up. Yet this kid is still effing dawdling. Finally he goes for the door but somehow misses the handle and body slams the door. The commotion wakes Moe and he come rushing down the stairs just as the kid is trying to make his departure. He immediately wigs out and starts yapping his face off. I grab Moe trying to hold his snoutless mouth shut. For some idiotic reason the kid takes my struggle as his opportunity to get that kiss he was after. He lunges for me as Moe lunges for him. I struggle to hold on to Moe as he shrieks and squirms out of my arms. The kid misses my lips and kisses my nose before Moe shreds his face and I throw him out the door. Smooth kid, smooth. ...and he actually wants to go out again! I couldn't believe it. I would've thought he'd want to disappear with embarrassment but apparently he remains unphased. Guess I'll just have to avoid him till he goes away like all the rest. Le sigh...
Youre Foolish Overlord - Jennen


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 24th, 2010 09:41 pm (UTC)
nah its a guy I met in a mosh pit. Didnt really talk to him as we were moshing but he added me to facebook so I got a look at his interests. He's into camping and travel and coheed. I was like fuck ya! Sadly some ppl that look good on paper just dont pan out
Jan. 26th, 2010 02:47 am (UTC)
First of all: LOL at that kid. It baffles me that people can be so out of tune with what's going on around them. I'm so glad that he didn't get his kiss and that Moe destroyed him.

At least you got a good story out of it though, right?
Jan. 26th, 2010 12:29 pm (UTC)
LOL WTF!!! hahahahaa yea dude you definately have to update ALL THE TIME. this shit's awesome lol hahahhahaha hilarity.
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