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Delve into the Past | Do You Dare Read On?

Blowin' the dust off the old LJ

Woah I happened upon LJ again while trying to explain to my technologically challenged coworker what a blog is. I find it amusing that the last time I posted was almost exactly a year ago. So much happened in 2009 i dont really know where to begin. I spent much of the year quite contentedly. Spent much of it rockin out with boy and partying my ass off. Didn't start to suck ass till I came back from camp to have my room flood again. Had to start back from scratch and deal with 2 months sleeping on the couch and a dilapidated fouton in the back room. My sex life and relationship with my sister suffered a lot but much good came of it as well. I now have a sexy ass room with a real door and insulation between mine and my sisters room! (sex has since flourished) I pulled up my grades hardcore and received a scholarship that paid for most of my tuition for this year. (Just got my marks back from 1st sem! I rocked that exams world. Oh yes I beat her till she cried. Ok it was a hard class so I'm slightly proud of this) Through the extra time devoted to school and the pick-upage of a 2nd job I grew away from a lot of people this year but hope to wrangle them back in. Took a roadtrip up to see Niki in Kingston, twas a sexy weekend enjoyed by all. Now hoping to connect with more people now that my stint as xmas help is over and I only have one class till graduation! Yes people its really happening! I shall be graduating university in June! Finally I will see something for all the blood sweat and tears i've poured into the last 5 years. I know its only a piece of paper bu for me its closure. Not saying I won't ever come back, I'd really love to come back and grab a bachelor of sciences so I can teach geography but i'll save that till after I've had a little galavant across the globe. Who knows, maybe i'll do it as an international student. Right now I kind of feel that the world is my oyster and I can't wait to play with that shiny shell. The only thing bummin me out is that Boy and I have had some shitty fights recently. We weren't doing well over christmas but I decided I have to keep in mind he's only a fuck buddy. He's an awesome friend but I can't let myself get too emotionally involved with him. I definitely don't want to date him but sometimes I forget that and start being a girl. I've made some mental changes tho and gotten out to see other people so I feel in a far better place now. As 2010 may be my last year in Canada for a while I'm going to make it count. I'll be working a lot to save for the trip but I willing to make time for anyone that wants time made for them. Love all you guys and wish you oodles of success in twenty ten (yes I said it) -Jennen


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Jan. 19th, 2010 12:31 pm (UTC)
wow. i would have never thought it possible to quickly update a full year lol. you definately managed to highlight the important parts! haha. i've definately been filled in on some shit. WAY TO FUCKIN GO ON IMPROVING SO MUCH YOU GOT A SCHOLARSHIP! holy shit that's awesome :)

i am jealous of your plans to travel. i would love to do that. i have to try not to get myself too locked down so that possibility will always still be there for me. this beginning of a career shit comes first for me though.. i've waited too long for this! lol. i think tattooing could even be my ticket to travelling depending on how good i get. so maybe we'll meet up at certain points and have a gay old time in another silly country.

shit. i gotta go to work. umm. dead babies, and i love you!
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