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Delve into the Past | Do You Dare Read On?

LJ I Have Returned to You

Hey kids, I missed ya so I came back. Plus I just felt like posting and facebook is too public for the things i wanna say. Things are going really well right now. School is over for the sem, woot! I only have 2 exams and theyre done on the 8th and then I'm free! I've been running about all over the place tryin to fit in chillage times with all my children but have fallen short of being able to be everywhere at once so I'm glad my parents conveniently decided to take off next wkend so I can have a party and make you all come to me. December is quickly booking up but what else is new? Tomorrow is the Goodbye party for Tis and Jay before they leave forever *sob*. We're all gunna sit around and drink and tell stories bout the good ol' days, should be fun/sad. The next day I should probably spend studying for my birdy exams since the wkends gunna be super busy. Friday i'm going to have to brave the malls to look for an outfit to wear to my work xmas party, anyone wanna help? Saturday my family hearkens back to our lumberjack ancestors and treks thru the bush in search of the biggest, ugliest tree we can find. We then attempt to tether it to our car and drive home usually only losing about 80% of the needles off it in the process. Afterwards we set it up while sipping on rye and ciders which usually results in a slightly wonky tree but by that point the decorations aren't going to save it anyhow so it doesn't really matter. If I don't find anything else to do I think Kristen and I are going to a party at Mike Kosacky's that night and Sunday is my work Xmas party. Monday I have my exams and then I'm free from school till January :D The weekend of the 13th is my party, the weekend after is the Alexis concert and after that its Christmas, holy shit. So after the 8th I'll be down for chillage anytime if you're bored chickens, I've got nothing but work to worry about. Speaking of work, I love my job. I get paid to hang out with such cool people, it kicks ass. There's this guy that I'm pretty sure likes me which kicks ass since he's hot and ridiculous and crazy but I'm still not down with the idea of having a bf. I may be getting ahead of myself since he hasnt come anywhere close to asking me out but we are spending a lot of time together in the coming weeks. He's the one who convinced me to go to the work christmas party this weekend and he's coming to my party next weekend and we're going to the Alexis concert together the week after that, not to mention all the hiding in the back together at work. I just feel like I need to sort out some shit with myself before I fuck over another guy with my head games. Not only that but I don't want to continue in the same pattern of disasterous relationships I followed all summer. On the other hand I really need to have sex. Sorry to be blunt but its been since August and I can't deal with the pent up frustration much longer. Its getting harder and harder not to deck the assholish, chauvenist pricks that frequent tool rental. So anyways other than that dilemma life is good. Hope it is the same amongst all you chicks and I'd better see y'all at my house on the 13th if not before. Love and junk, Youre Supreme Overlord - Jennen

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