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Delve into the Past

That Jen and her turd-burglaring ways...

Hey kids,
I know I'm insanely overdue for a post but i've been mad lazy lately. Working a 70 hour week really tires you out. I guess I can't even really say that since I quit before the end but thats another story which I might get to later. So to update those that aren't hip to my jive I've been transferring from working at Lowes to my new swanky job at Bell. Basically Bell just took my schedule and filled in all the days I wasnt working at Lowes. So Jen's been an extra busy girl lately. I'm pretty exhausted but it will all be worth it once the money starts to come in. So ya I don't really know where to start. Last weekend was Boy's Bday, that day rocked out pretty hard, starting with sushi D'Arcy and some friends. He's doing amazing for himself which was easily predictable but still nice to see coming to fruition. From there we went paintballing and destroyed each other. I'll spare you to replay and just mention my favourite moment when Kristen shot Josh point blank in the back of his head knocking him forward and into a dazed blindness through which he had to somehow stumble off the field. Totally accidental but totally priceless. Watching him grope for landmarks as the other team continually shot him was so pathetic it almost stifled my guffaws...but not quite. After that we headed back to Boys for the sloshfest and much beer pong.

This week was swallowed up with working mostly but on Wednesday night Josh forced me to come to a cellphone release party with him. He said it would look good if I attended...oh how wrong he turned out to be. I was told ppl predrink for these things so I had a few shots of tequila on the car ride there. No one else was drinking tho as Josh had forgotten to grab anything and the two brown guys we went with dont drink for religious reasons. I should also mention Akash is pretty anal about his car. He has every reason to be as it is brand new with an immaculate leather interior. He said he was fine with me drinking in his car as long as I didnt puke in it. Me, being temporarily ignorant of Murphys Law reassured him emphatically that I wouldnt lose control like that. (First Mistake) So we get to this party which is held in a super chique club in T dot, the Bymark. We walk in and are immediately bombarded by waitresses pushing drinks on us. These lovely ladies now inform us of the open bar. Suffice to say Josh and my eyes immediately lit up. Now as we all know Jen is a silly silly girl. My first thought should have been, "this is my FIRST work function, i need to be careful with the open bar situation." Instead it was, "my god this wine is delicious and TOTALLY FREE!". (Second Mistake) Now I woke up the next morning thinking everything went pretty smooth (Third Mistake), I could only remember up till we left the party but i figured what could have happened on the ride home? I probably passed out in the car and that was it. Yeeaaaahh...no. We had a great time, we got to play with the new Samsung Galaxy (which is pretty damn sweet by the way) they were constantly shoving gourmet ouvrederves (sp?) in our faces, oh and there was a live band...mother fucking Metric! It was great I got to meet them and got some stuff signed. Despite waking up 2 hours into my last Lowes shift way too hungover to go in I thought it was a pretty kickin nite. This was until I realized I didnt have my phone and called Josh to inquire about it. DUN DUN DUN
Sorry I just felt like adding some dramatic effect. Anyways Josh then informed me that we went and played around the eiffel tower after that till the brown guys wanted to go for food. They drove us miles into Toronto's Brown County and left me in the car to go eat. Josh checked on me every 20 mins. Everytime he came out i was hanging out of the car to puke. So he picked me up and tossed me back in. The last time he came out a man was trying to take me. This was enough to convince Josh it was time to go. Unfortunately while i was left alone I puked on the door trying to get it open. I am now footing a $150 cleaning bill. Worse than that is going into work the next day and having everyone laugh asking if it was me that puked in Akash's car. SWEET Way to make a first impression Jen. Ya so aren't I awesome?


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Aug. 9th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
Oh Jen... if anyone can sympathize, it's certainly me and my Royal Night past :P A man was trying to take you? Only in Brown County!
Aug. 9th, 2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
To fair though, Kels, NOBODY was ever sober on Royal Night. I seem to remember Mike and Patrick getting hammered and having a competition on who could flirt better with the waitress :S
Aug. 9th, 2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
Oh Jen, you always have the best stories, even if they don't go in your favour at all :P

P.S. What are you doing Thursday? I'm thinking of doing birthday sushi ^_^
Feb. 16th, 2011 06:00 am (UTC)
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