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Hey Kids, I'm determined to write a less moody entry this time I promise so read on. Today was absolutely crazy! Had my Princess Auto interview (pre-screening 2 of 7) this morning so I had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, something I am definitely not generally able to muster in the wee hrs of the day. I got up at 7 so that I might be able to pry my eyes open by 9. That gave me time to get all dolled up for Belch's grad which I was not going to have time to change for post interview. After a photo shoot on the front lawn I booked it to my interview so I could pull off the 10 minute early entrance (I always try to blindside em by being super punctual at first so they don't notice when I start to slack :P). I get there and they're way behind (awesome -_-) so I stroll around PA attempting to look crazy interested in all the merch instead of laughing at all the shite quality of everything. (You can't use plastic hose clamps on a centrifugal pump! That'll hold for 10 seconds!) After 25 minutes of being stared at by 40+ yr old men in decomposing wifebeaters (remember I am wearing my foolish white, prissy grad dress) they finally call me in. I tried to be as vivacious as possible without coming off as a psycho but its really hard to discuss 3 of your faults without repeating all the fake deprecation bs of the "I'm a perfectionist" calibre. I walked out of the interview pretty confidant, yet weirded out by the fact that they didnt ask about Home Depot when who should I almost bump into but King Douche-Turd himself. A short exchange left me wondering if I even really want this job but I suppose I can deal for full time.
After that it was off to the races, I booked it downtown to Liuna Station to meet up with the folks. Little did I know it was garbage day downtown and that the streets were swarming with slow ass, non-allowing-you-to-pass, rank effing garbage trucks and the angry cars that followed in their wake. It took me 35 mins to park and I was nearly killed in the process by a blind indian man. Finally making it to my seat I received a phone call from Rock Universe wanting an interview at 6:30 that night. I stayed till Beck's got her diploma then I snuck out the back.
I had to book it home and change for work where I spent another 5 mind-numbing hrs staring at a screen doing such vital training as: Phone Etiquette and Proper Affixing of Signage. Can't wait to be done this foolishness and get out on the floor. Everyone keeps asking me if I like my new job but I haven't experienced it yet. I know it won't be anything as amazing as Tool Rental but alas those days are behind me. I'm just hoping for cool coworkers. I've met my manager and already got her on my good side so thats a plus.
Anyways, immediately after work I had to go to Eastgate for the interview at Rock Universe (or World as its now called). It was awesome! Dude was like, "I need someone who can manage all 3 facets to my business. I can already see that you are well versed in piercings. How are you on music and smoking accessories?" I'm like, Fuck ya! I've found the job for me! (Maybe not tho, he only pays min. wage and the hrs are shit but it would be a good filler job if I don't get into Princess Auto and stay at Lowes. Shit, it'd be worth it just for the discount. Mmmm...cheap stretchers and bongs...*drool*)
Yeah so that was my crazy day today, after that I just came home ate dinner and went to the gym. Now that I've written this I'mma call it a night. I don't now why I felt the need to give you guys a blow-by-blow but I did so deal with it.
Love ya Turdlets -Jennen


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Jul. 2nd, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
Lowe's and Rock World sound like they would be a badass combination to be sure! I think the discount on stretchers sounds delicious [no personal gain here whatsoever :P]
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