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Not just a one post wonder!

K so I promised Helsey I wasn't going to be a one post wonder and gosh darnit I'm gunna hold to that so here goes 2010 Post #2:
I've been feelin flabby lately so I started going to the gym everyday. This was going quite well until I moshed my ass of on friday and destroyed my foot. We also went tobogganning last week which altho tres fun was also epicly destructive. Destroyed my saucer and my best friend. Kris and I hit in mid-air several times and received a very strong reminder that we're not 12 anymore. I am not deterred tho, I hope to hit the slopes once i can walk again but now all the snow is effing melted. Come on Canada, make with the white stuff! Yes but back to my dilemma; now I can't walk and my main exploit at the gym is the tredmill. What am I to do now? How do you guys work out? Any suggestions for this gimp?
Tried out Slainte's at night for the first time for Bealsy's bday. I had no idea it was a club. I was looking forward to being able to sit and get the weight off my foot. Instead I was crammed into a doorway and bitched at most of the night. Not saying I didnt have fun it just kinda sucked cuz I was totally sober and in pain all nite. Wish I could've got out on the dance floor with the chicks but that wasn't possible. I like the atmosphere of that place but I'm not down with the asshole employees, expensive drinks, and insane crowdedness. I think I'll prolly only be hittin it up for dinner from now on. Another uberly lame factor was the lack of Josh and all those kids. I can't be mad they didnt show tho since there were girlfriend jealousy issues beyond anyone else's control. I hope to salvage Josh's bday for him on Tuesday (his real bday) though so maybe that will make up for it.
Next weekend's going to be just as insane as this one was. It's Mason's bday and we're headed to Tailgate Charlie's. Should be fun times. Anyways now I'm off to work laterz kids! -Jennen


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Jan. 19th, 2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
not that it would have made a difference in all the ways that are negative, but you know there was an upstairs right? lol. just if you preferred to watch a band since you couldn't do much but stand there and apparently get bitched at. that's retarded. i should have inquired as to your health and if i had known your foot was such a screwypants, i would have tried to make things more awesome for you! :( sadface.
i heard about the madness at josh's end of the party. what a buzzkill! i'm sure you'll make it super better for him tho :) good luck!

btw as to the working out shiz, just get some 5 pound weights and do some arm exercises, also stretch your legs. it's not cardio really, but it's still keeping your limbs moving and keeping the bloodflow steady so you dont cease up when you can make it back into the gym.
Jan. 19th, 2010 07:28 pm (UTC)
I'm honestly not a fan of Slainte's at night. That place was built as a pub and trying to turn it into a dance club with the way they've structured the floor plan does NOT work. The upstairs is a bit better for a hanging out atmosphere, but meh. We'll go there for some awesome Irish fare and enjoy it as it should be.

I would go with Dani is saying and do some muscle building activities until you feel comfortable walking again. Having the extra muscle will also help you to burn fat faster when you can start cardio again.
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