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That Jen and her turd-burglaring ways...

Hey kids,
I know I'm insanely overdue for a post but i've been mad lazy lately. Working a 70 hour week really tires you out. I guess I can't even really say that since I quit before the end but thats another story which I might get to later. So to update those that aren't hip to my jive I've been transferring from working at Lowes to my new swanky job at Bell. Basically Bell just took my schedule and filled in all the days I wasnt working at Lowes. So Jen's been an extra busy girl lately. I'm pretty exhausted but it will all be worth it once the money starts to come in. So ya I don't really know where to start. Last weekend was Boy's Bday, that day rocked out pretty hard, starting with sushi D'Arcy and some friends. He's doing amazing for himself which was easily predictable but still nice to see coming to fruition. From there we went paintballing and destroyed each other. I'll spare you to replay and just mention my favourite moment when Kristen shot Josh point blank in the back of his head knocking him forward and into a dazed blindness through which he had to somehow stumble off the field. Totally accidental but totally priceless. Watching him grope for landmarks as the other team continually shot him was so pathetic it almost stifled my guffaws...but not quite. After that we headed back to Boys for the sloshfest and much beer pong.

This week was swallowed up with working mostly but on Wednesday night Josh forced me to come to a cellphone release party with him. He said it would look good if I attended...oh how wrong he turned out to be. I was told ppl predrink for these things so I had a few shots of tequila on the car ride there. No one else was drinking tho as Josh had forgotten to grab anything and the two brown guys we went with dont drink for religious reasons. I should also mention Akash is pretty anal about his car. He has every reason to be as it is brand new with an immaculate leather interior. He said he was fine with me drinking in his car as long as I didnt puke in it. Me, being temporarily ignorant of Murphys Law reassured him emphatically that I wouldnt lose control like that. (First Mistake) So we get to this party which is held in a super chique club in T dot, the Bymark. We walk in and are immediately bombarded by waitresses pushing drinks on us. These lovely ladies now inform us of the open bar. Suffice to say Josh and my eyes immediately lit up. Now as we all know Jen is a silly silly girl. My first thought should have been, "this is my FIRST work function, i need to be careful with the open bar situation." Instead it was, "my god this wine is delicious and TOTALLY FREE!". (Second Mistake) Now I woke up the next morning thinking everything went pretty smooth (Third Mistake), I could only remember up till we left the party but i figured what could have happened on the ride home? I probably passed out in the car and that was it. Yeeaaaahh...no. We had a great time, we got to play with the new Samsung Galaxy (which is pretty damn sweet by the way) they were constantly shoving gourmet ouvrederves (sp?) in our faces, oh and there was a live band...mother fucking Metric! It was great I got to meet them and got some stuff signed. Despite waking up 2 hours into my last Lowes shift way too hungover to go in I thought it was a pretty kickin nite. This was until I realized I didnt have my phone and called Josh to inquire about it. DUN DUN DUN
Sorry I just felt like adding some dramatic effect. Anyways Josh then informed me that we went and played around the eiffel tower after that till the brown guys wanted to go for food. They drove us miles into Toronto's Brown County and left me in the car to go eat. Josh checked on me every 20 mins. Everytime he came out i was hanging out of the car to puke. So he picked me up and tossed me back in. The last time he came out a man was trying to take me. This was enough to convince Josh it was time to go. Unfortunately while i was left alone I puked on the door trying to get it open. I am now footing a $150 cleaning bill. Worse than that is going into work the next day and having everyone laugh asking if it was me that puked in Akash's car. SWEET Way to make a first impression Jen. Ya so aren't I awesome?


Hey Kids, I'm determined to write a less moody entry this time I promise so read on. Today was absolutely crazy! Had my Princess Auto interview (pre-screening 2 of 7) this morning so I had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, something I am definitely not generally able to muster in the wee hrs of the day. I got up at 7 so that I might be able to pry my eyes open by 9. That gave me time to get all dolled up for Belch's grad which I was not going to have time to change for post interview. After a photo shoot on the front lawn I booked it to my interview so I could pull off the 10 minute early entrance (I always try to blindside em by being super punctual at first so they don't notice when I start to slack :P). I get there and they're way behind (awesome -_-) so I stroll around PA attempting to look crazy interested in all the merch instead of laughing at all the shite quality of everything. (You can't use plastic hose clamps on a centrifugal pump! That'll hold for 10 seconds!) After 25 minutes of being stared at by 40+ yr old men in decomposing wifebeaters (remember I am wearing my foolish white, prissy grad dress) they finally call me in. I tried to be as vivacious as possible without coming off as a psycho but its really hard to discuss 3 of your faults without repeating all the fake deprecation bs of the "I'm a perfectionist" calibre. I walked out of the interview pretty confidant, yet weirded out by the fact that they didnt ask about Home Depot when who should I almost bump into but King Douche-Turd himself. A short exchange left me wondering if I even really want this job but I suppose I can deal for full time.
After that it was off to the races, I booked it downtown to Liuna Station to meet up with the folks. Little did I know it was garbage day downtown and that the streets were swarming with slow ass, non-allowing-you-to-pass, rank effing garbage trucks and the angry cars that followed in their wake. It took me 35 mins to park and I was nearly killed in the process by a blind indian man. Finally making it to my seat I received a phone call from Rock Universe wanting an interview at 6:30 that night. I stayed till Beck's got her diploma then I snuck out the back.
I had to book it home and change for work where I spent another 5 mind-numbing hrs staring at a screen doing such vital training as: Phone Etiquette and Proper Affixing of Signage. Can't wait to be done this foolishness and get out on the floor. Everyone keeps asking me if I like my new job but I haven't experienced it yet. I know it won't be anything as amazing as Tool Rental but alas those days are behind me. I'm just hoping for cool coworkers. I've met my manager and already got her on my good side so thats a plus.
Anyways, immediately after work I had to go to Eastgate for the interview at Rock Universe (or World as its now called). It was awesome! Dude was like, "I need someone who can manage all 3 facets to my business. I can already see that you are well versed in piercings. How are you on music and smoking accessories?" I'm like, Fuck ya! I've found the job for me! (Maybe not tho, he only pays min. wage and the hrs are shit but it would be a good filler job if I don't get into Princess Auto and stay at Lowes. Shit, it'd be worth it just for the discount. Mmmm...cheap stretchers and bongs...*drool*)
Yeah so that was my crazy day today, after that I just came home ate dinner and went to the gym. Now that I've written this I'mma call it a night. I don't now why I felt the need to give you guys a blow-by-blow but I did so deal with it.
Love ya Turdlets -Jennen
So I probably won't be posting on here anymore. I'm off to find a more private venue for my thoughts. If you wanted to read my journal you should have asked.
What the shit people? I start posting on here again finally and I'm the only one. Come on kids, write some shit down. I wanna reconnect with people not blather on to myself. I'm always doing that, its getting old. Alright I'll shut up now and get down to business.
Went on a date last night and I forgot how lame first dates can be. He was cute and nice and into a lot of things I am but yeah....no. He never stopped talking the whole night. I think I got 4 good sentences in...and I'm hilarious. You people know this. I love conversing, its what I do best. Instead I sat there as he dictated his whole life story to me. Finally I asked to be taken home as I needed desperately to get some weed in my system to liven it back up again after Mr. Mindnumb all but killed me with boredom. SO I say my goodbyes and such and get out of his car and he follows me inside! I was kind of stunned by his boldness and didnt know how to politely tell him to go away so I let him in. We go to my room and engage in a 3 hour sesh before he finally takes it upon himself to leave. (I think my continual yawning and eye blinking might have helped) He's taking his sweet time at the door, I guess fishing for a kiss or something and I'm really wishing he'd hurry up before Moe wakes up. Now if you have never been to my house you might not be aware that my puppy has seperation anxiety. He freaks when people leave and as its now approaching 2 I really don't need him waking the whole house up. Yet this kid is still effing dawdling. Finally he goes for the door but somehow misses the handle and body slams the door. The commotion wakes Moe and he come rushing down the stairs just as the kid is trying to make his departure. He immediately wigs out and starts yapping his face off. I grab Moe trying to hold his snoutless mouth shut. For some idiotic reason the kid takes my struggle as his opportunity to get that kiss he was after. He lunges for me as Moe lunges for him. I struggle to hold on to Moe as he shrieks and squirms out of my arms. The kid misses my lips and kisses my nose before Moe shreds his face and I throw him out the door. Smooth kid, smooth. ...and he actually wants to go out again! I couldn't believe it. I would've thought he'd want to disappear with embarrassment but apparently he remains unphased. Guess I'll just have to avoid him till he goes away like all the rest. Le sigh...
Youre Foolish Overlord - Jennen

Not just a one post wonder!

K so I promised Helsey I wasn't going to be a one post wonder and gosh darnit I'm gunna hold to that so here goes 2010 Post #2:
I've been feelin flabby lately so I started going to the gym everyday. This was going quite well until I moshed my ass of on friday and destroyed my foot. We also went tobogganning last week which altho tres fun was also epicly destructive. Destroyed my saucer and my best friend. Kris and I hit in mid-air several times and received a very strong reminder that we're not 12 anymore. I am not deterred tho, I hope to hit the slopes once i can walk again but now all the snow is effing melted. Come on Canada, make with the white stuff! Yes but back to my dilemma; now I can't walk and my main exploit at the gym is the tredmill. What am I to do now? How do you guys work out? Any suggestions for this gimp?
Tried out Slainte's at night for the first time for Bealsy's bday. I had no idea it was a club. I was looking forward to being able to sit and get the weight off my foot. Instead I was crammed into a doorway and bitched at most of the night. Not saying I didnt have fun it just kinda sucked cuz I was totally sober and in pain all nite. Wish I could've got out on the dance floor with the chicks but that wasn't possible. I like the atmosphere of that place but I'm not down with the asshole employees, expensive drinks, and insane crowdedness. I think I'll prolly only be hittin it up for dinner from now on. Another uberly lame factor was the lack of Josh and all those kids. I can't be mad they didnt show tho since there were girlfriend jealousy issues beyond anyone else's control. I hope to salvage Josh's bday for him on Tuesday (his real bday) though so maybe that will make up for it.
Next weekend's going to be just as insane as this one was. It's Mason's bday and we're headed to Tailgate Charlie's. Should be fun times. Anyways now I'm off to work laterz kids! -Jennen

Blowin' the dust off the old LJ

Woah I happened upon LJ again while trying to explain to my technologically challenged coworker what a blog is. I find it amusing that the last time I posted was almost exactly a year ago. So much happened in 2009 i dont really know where to begin. I spent much of the year quite contentedly. Spent much of it rockin out with boy and partying my ass off. Didn't start to suck ass till I came back from camp to have my room flood again. Had to start back from scratch and deal with 2 months sleeping on the couch and a dilapidated fouton in the back room. My sex life and relationship with my sister suffered a lot but much good came of it as well. I now have a sexy ass room with a real door and insulation between mine and my sisters room! (sex has since flourished) I pulled up my grades hardcore and received a scholarship that paid for most of my tuition for this year. (Just got my marks back from 1st sem! I rocked that exams world. Oh yes I beat her till she cried. Ok it was a hard class so I'm slightly proud of this) Through the extra time devoted to school and the pick-upage of a 2nd job I grew away from a lot of people this year but hope to wrangle them back in. Took a roadtrip up to see Niki in Kingston, twas a sexy weekend enjoyed by all. Now hoping to connect with more people now that my stint as xmas help is over and I only have one class till graduation! Yes people its really happening! I shall be graduating university in June! Finally I will see something for all the blood sweat and tears i've poured into the last 5 years. I know its only a piece of paper bu for me its closure. Not saying I won't ever come back, I'd really love to come back and grab a bachelor of sciences so I can teach geography but i'll save that till after I've had a little galavant across the globe. Who knows, maybe i'll do it as an international student. Right now I kind of feel that the world is my oyster and I can't wait to play with that shiny shell. The only thing bummin me out is that Boy and I have had some shitty fights recently. We weren't doing well over christmas but I decided I have to keep in mind he's only a fuck buddy. He's an awesome friend but I can't let myself get too emotionally involved with him. I definitely don't want to date him but sometimes I forget that and start being a girl. I've made some mental changes tho and gotten out to see other people so I feel in a far better place now. As 2010 may be my last year in Canada for a while I'm going to make it count. I'll be working a lot to save for the trip but I willing to make time for anyone that wants time made for them. Love all you guys and wish you oodles of success in twenty ten (yes I said it) -Jennen

January`s over (question mark)

Hey kids, Its been a long time and I have a few spare minutes so I'll throw something up on here. Hmm... That was probably not the best wording but meh. Ya so shit is aight. For a month that looked like it was gunna be pretty slazy, January has sure filled up fast. Between celebrating Josh and Mason's bdays, work, school, and chillin with Andrew the month has flown by and February looks to go the same. I've got two midterms, Theresa's bday, Jenn's show, Reading Week, and my bday. Not that I'm complaining. When I don't have plans I get all spazzy and lame. One thing I'd really like to start making time for tho is the gym. There's a really cheap gym on Parkdale that my sister and I would like to check out plus I'd like to start going to the one at school on my 4 hour breaks. I stood on the scale with Moe at the vet and realized I've gotten fat again. Fuck. Hanging with Andrew and Josh so much has made me realize that you can party and still take care of yourself so I'd better get on it before I become a hideous lump resembling something you can spread on toast. Lol, here take my thigh. It'll taste delicious with peanut butter on rye. Sorry I'm rambling. Anyways what else is new? Um getting no hours at work. I've been stretching them the best I can but 12 hours is not enough to live on. That kind of fuckd over my plans to go away for reading week which sucks cuz I really miss Jay and Tis and Arianna. Tis and I got really close and now she's stranded in northern BC, poor girl. Oh well hopefully I'll get out to see her in the summer. I'm also thinking the time is drawing nigh to move out. I'd like to be gone by september just so this coming year doesn't feel like a total failure. Anybody lookin for a partilicious roomie? I'm clean and I'll keep things exciting, I promise but I'm an indoor toker (specially in the winter) so if you're not down you need not apply. Hmm what else? Oh I took moe to be de-balled yesterday. It was terribly traumatic for me but Kris kept me chill and it went ok. Moe's a really sleepy puppy now and I hope he's not in too much pain but he seems to be pretty sore. He's still able to chase the cat tho so I think he's fine. Well my ride is here so toodles chicks. Helsey or Melis call me if you get a spare moment I misses my l'il chickens. Youre Supreme Overlord - Jennen

Why is she speaking in third person?

Jen is frustrated. She's tired of this. She doesn't like feeling antsy and having to overanalyze everything. She just wants to go out and have a good time not stay home and worry that she missed her chance. Feck

LJ I Have Returned to You

Hey kids, I missed ya so I came back. Plus I just felt like posting and facebook is too public for the things i wanna say. Things are going really well right now. School is over for the sem, woot! I only have 2 exams and theyre done on the 8th and then I'm free! I've been running about all over the place tryin to fit in chillage times with all my children but have fallen short of being able to be everywhere at once so I'm glad my parents conveniently decided to take off next wkend so I can have a party and make you all come to me. December is quickly booking up but what else is new? Tomorrow is the Goodbye party for Tis and Jay before they leave forever *sob*. We're all gunna sit around and drink and tell stories bout the good ol' days, should be fun/sad. The next day I should probably spend studying for my birdy exams since the wkends gunna be super busy. Friday i'm going to have to brave the malls to look for an outfit to wear to my work xmas party, anyone wanna help? Saturday my family hearkens back to our lumberjack ancestors and treks thru the bush in search of the biggest, ugliest tree we can find. We then attempt to tether it to our car and drive home usually only losing about 80% of the needles off it in the process. Afterwards we set it up while sipping on rye and ciders which usually results in a slightly wonky tree but by that point the decorations aren't going to save it anyhow so it doesn't really matter. If I don't find anything else to do I think Kristen and I are going to a party at Mike Kosacky's that night and Sunday is my work Xmas party. Monday I have my exams and then I'm free from school till January :D The weekend of the 13th is my party, the weekend after is the Alexis concert and after that its Christmas, holy shit. So after the 8th I'll be down for chillage anytime if you're bored chickens, I've got nothing but work to worry about. Speaking of work, I love my job. I get paid to hang out with such cool people, it kicks ass. There's this guy that I'm pretty sure likes me which kicks ass since he's hot and ridiculous and crazy but I'm still not down with the idea of having a bf. I may be getting ahead of myself since he hasnt come anywhere close to asking me out but we are spending a lot of time together in the coming weeks. He's the one who convinced me to go to the work christmas party this weekend and he's coming to my party next weekend and we're going to the Alexis concert together the week after that, not to mention all the hiding in the back together at work. I just feel like I need to sort out some shit with myself before I fuck over another guy with my head games. Not only that but I don't want to continue in the same pattern of disasterous relationships I followed all summer. On the other hand I really need to have sex. Sorry to be blunt but its been since August and I can't deal with the pent up frustration much longer. Its getting harder and harder not to deck the assholish, chauvenist pricks that frequent tool rental. So anyways other than that dilemma life is good. Hope it is the same amongst all you chicks and I'd better see y'all at my house on the 13th if not before. Love and junk, Youre Supreme Overlord - Jennen

im done.

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